Gervonta Davis knocked out Rolando “Rolly” Romero in Round 6


For nearly all of the first six rounds of his bout with Gervonta “Tank” Davis, Rolando Romero fought a disciplined fight, using his reach and jab to keep Davis from doing much offensively. It only takes one punch from Davis to change a fight, however, and in Round 6, it ended with a thud.

Romero opened by pawing with the jab, using it as both a range finder and deterrent to Davis’ attempts to get inside and land his trademark left hands and uppercuts. That strategy was working well for Romero as the rounds went by, with Davis circling around the ring looking for opportunities to land rather than unloading and controlling the action.

Romero also bent the rules nearly to the point of breaking, utilizing his elbows repeatedly as well as throwing Davis to the canvas after landing a clean right hand in the second round. He received several warnings from the referee though no point was taken for the repeated fouls.

Romero seemed to feel he had the right moment to amp up his attack in the sixth round as he pursued Davis to the ropes and looked to unload with his wild power punches. Davis calmly let loose with a left hand counter that caught Romero clean and sent him face first into the ropes before sliding down to the canvas.

there was a lot of trash talk before this fight making tensions very high, Rolando claimed to be the superior fighter saying ” I’m the fastest and strongest person he’s ever fought”. but as we can see this isn’t the case . Gervonta Davis ended this bout with a nasty left hook leaving Rolando unable to stand, Gervonta Davis is a superstar boxer so whats next for him?

“He ran into my shot”



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